Spatial Turn | Gib mir Raum

Presentation for the “Spatial Turn” Symposium of FH Joanneum

“Space as Ideology: Choropoietic media and new paradigms of spatiality.” Invited lecture for the symposium “Spatial Turn” in the context of the exhibition opening “Gib mir Raum” of FH Joanneum.
12:00-16:00, Thursday 24.01.2019, Academie Graz.

Space as Ideology: Choropoietic media and new paradigms of spatiality
Space in the western tradition is part of a certain epistemology. From Greek mathematics to Renaissance perspective, the understanding of space has been conditioned by the evolution of science before becoming a deeply rooted cultural “belief.” Contemporary media however, bring about new paradigms in the field of spatial arts, challenging existing traditional and disciplinary conceptions of space. Tracing a brief archeology of the evolution of spatial concepts, and drawing from architecture, videogames and virtual reality, this talk intends to discuss the aesthetic potential of contemporary “choropoietic media.”

The program includes lectures by Timor Kardum, Markus Wintersberger and Irmfried Wöber.

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