Personal & collaborative projects

Cybersyn 1973/2023 (video + spatial audio installation; collaboration)
Decoded Language (audiovisual interactive installation) (VR+spatial audio installation; collaboration)
Daphne’s Diary  (prototype for locative audio-narrative walks; collaboration)
project Anywhere (VR framework including  Omni Mask & inteliglove projects)
ESUM (prototype for mobile urban measurement backpack)
John Paul George & me (interactive wearables; collaboration)
VectorRasterBleep (wearables; installation; collaboration)
xSynth (digital instrument)
The Geology of the Geology of Morals (video)
Interactive Kinetic Structures (kinetic structure prototype, 2012)

Curatorial, editorial & dissemination projects

Co-chair for CAAD Futures 2021 Conference  and volume co-editor (University of Southern California, 2020-2021)
Co-curator of Digital Commoning Practices discourse program (Oksasenkatu 11, Station of Commons, Helsinki, 2021)
Co-curator of WADS Garden (RISE CY, Ars Electronica Festival, 2020)
Co-founder and co-curator of ◯ (Electronic music group and event series, Graz, 2019)
Curator, Towards the Expanded Field (Haus der Architektur, Graz, 2018)
Founder and curator of IAM Open Lectures (IAM, TU Graz, 2015-2019)
Founder of the CAADist Calendar (2016-2017)
Co-founder and co-curator of Tabletalks On Architecture (Graz, 2016-2017)


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