lumbung Radio is the online community radio project of documenta fifteen. It started in April 2022 and is broadcasting 24/7 during the 100 days of documenta fifteen, and also afterwards, from and to the whole planet.

As an open online broadcast lumbung Radio comprises of an inter-local network of distinct radios and audio practices. It operates in no specific time zones, and streams multiple languages, music, and art. Each participating radio station depends on its own means of production, way of thinking, learning, and sharing. lumbung Radio operates as a decentralized network of nodes that uses internet without its hegemonic agency. The intention is producing an audiophonic common space built on the multiplication of the existing practices of its contributors.

The radio itself runs on open-source infrastructure and is self-hosted on a dedicated server. The program comprises of relays and original contributions by its nodes, assembled via timesharing

lumbung Radio is coordinated by Station of Commons, a Helsinki- and Geneva-based initiative on digital commoning practices by Grégoire Rousseau, Minerva Juolahti, Alain Ryckelynck, Constantinos Miltiadis, Juan Gomez, and Eddie Choo Wen Yi.

Radio stream link available at Station of Commons (main), lumbung Space, and ruruHaus.
For documentation see the lumbung Radio blog at ruruHaus.
Description from lumbung Radio entry by documenta fifteen.

lumbung Radio collaborators:

Part of the Station of Commons coordination team with Grégoire Rousseau, Minerva Juolahti, Alain Ryckelynck, Juan Gomez, and Eddie Choo Wen Yi.
Organizer of the concerts by Lain Iwakura (Mille Plateaux/O Graz), Nico Mas (CDCY) and  Klaus Masuda (O Graz) at Trafohaus, Kassel, with the support of Arts Collaboratory and Radio Tropiezo for Lumbung RadioDocumenta Fifteen. July 25-26 2022.