Recent updates

_”Towards the Expanded Field” curated 3-day event with talks, VR exhibition and spatial audio performances. Opening presentations from Constantinos Miltiadis, Dr. Gerriet K. Sharma and Prof. Stephan Günzel. March 7-9 2018, at the Haus der Architektur, Graz

_”Daphne’s Diary” was awarded a short-term scientific mission grant for further development and implementation with bi-communal cultural institutions of Nicosia. February 2018

_Published “Daphne’s Diary” project for interactive location-based narrative, historical audio Geocaching tours, developed at the Cyberparks COST Action, at The Cyprus Institute

_Virtual Flâneur of Mediterranean Cities, Cyberparks COST Action Training School,The Cyprus Institute, Nicosia, 30.10-3.11.2017

_Interactive audiovisual installation developed with Antonia Manhatsberger, for the Sonic Rug of Selina Reiterer, Vienna Design Week, October 4 2017

_Virtual Spaces Master Studio 2017, exhibition at the “VR Playful Art” at Kunsthaus Graz, September 1st 2017.

_Guest of the Playful Learning Conference 2017, Fringe event for the Playfields app launch, of ERC/University of Warwick, July 2012

_Received initial funding for the research project “Scan to BIM” with the Institute of Architecture and Media, Institute of Urban and Architectural History and Institute of Computer Graphics and Vision of TU Graz, June 2017

_Received initial funding for the research project “Urban Soundscapes” with Ismini Christakopoulou at the Institute of Architecture and Media of TU Graz, June 2017

_Presentation of the Virtual Spaces Master Studio 2017, and exhibition of the VR projects at the TU Graz Open Architecture Day, June 30, 2017

_”Timescales of Architecture”, lecture at the Signale soirée, Institute of Electronic Music, University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, May 29 2017

_Launched CAADist Calendar also on Facebook / Twitter 

_”metadata punks” Tabletalk #3 with Marcell Mars & Dubracka Sekulic, March 21, 2017

_Virtual Spaces Master Studio 2017: 16m2 Labyrinths – Institute of Architecture and Media, TU Graz, Summer Semester 2017

_”Project anywhere: An interface for virtual architecture“, published in the December 2016 issue of the International Journal of Architectural Computing (IJAC)

_Launched “Tabletalks on Architecture“, December 2016

_Talk at the Bartlett Plexus Paris lecture series #26 “Expanse”, with Frédéric Migayrou, Manuel Jimenez Garcia and Corneel Cannaerts,  November 16  2016

_“touch the sound 2.0 / sound-sculpting” installation by Prof. Werner Jauk at the Ars Electronica Festival Linz, September 2016

_Virtual Spaces Master Studio exhibition at Graz Open Architecture Day, July 1st 2016

_Panel Discussion at “The Incomputable / Workshop 0.1 / Understanding the Visual” Institute of Contemporary Art, TU Graz, June 29 2016

_Virtual Spaces Master Studio exhibition at TU Graz VR Night 2016, June 28 2016

_Virtual Spaces Master Studio, sponsored by Drei Austria with Samsung Galaxy and Gear VR headsets, June 2016

_”Virtual Space” guest lecture at i-Lab, University of South California, May 27 2016

_”Sound Spatialisation in Immersive VR Environments”, Workshop at the Mapping Festival, Geneva, May 2016

_ Lead teacher of the “Virtual Spaces Master Studio” module at the Institute of Architecture and Media, TU Graz, Summer Semester 2016

_Articles on “John Paul George & Me” in Fast Company, Bare Conductive, Materiability Research Network, January 2016

_Assistant professor at the Institute of Architecture and Media, Graz Technical University, October 2015

_Awarded the Ivan Petrovic prize for the best young researcher at eCAADe 2015 Vienna, September 2015

 _”Virtual Architecture in a Real-time, Interactive, Augmented Reality Environment” paper to be presented at the eCAADe conference, TU Wien, September 2015

_John Paul George & Me developed with Selina Reiterer received the 2nd prize in Wearables Competition, August 2015

_project Anywhere Development Story, with some insight on networking published on the Exit Games website

_extensile, robotic fabrication workshop given at MAS CAAD ETHz, June 2015

_”Virtual/Augmented Reality & Architectural Visualisation”, workshop at the eCAADe Conference in Vienna, TU Wien, September 2015

 _project Anywhere was awarded the 2nd prize in the Zeiss VR One Competition for Mobile VR Apps

 _multilingual video interview of project Anywhere screened on Euronews, February 2015

 _video interview of project Anywhere by Reuters, February 2015

 _project Anywhere installation at TEDxNTUA Athens, 17 January 2015

 _project Anywhere published in The Guardian & The Observer Tech Monthly (11/01/2015)

 _project Anywhere teaser released, November 2014

 _starting a collaboration with the Chair of Information Architecture ETHz

 _Kinetic audiovisual installation with PUNCH collective at Seven Sins event, Delft, November 2014

 _shooting project anywhere teaser

 _omni mask R&D process finalised, September 2014

_any- , based on Project Anywhere, was awarded the Arthur C. Clarke prize at the  Museum of Science Fiction international competition, August 2014