Recent updates

_”Sound Spatialisation in Immersive VR Environments”, Workshop at the Mapping Festival, Geneva, May 2016

_ Lead teacher of “Virtual Spaces” master studio at the Institute of Architecture and Media, TU Graz, February-July 2016

_Articles on “John Paul George & Me” in Fast Company, Bare Conductive, Materiability Research Network, January 2016

_Assistant professor at the Institute of Architecture and Media, Graz Technical University, October 2015

_Awarded the Ivan Petrovic prize for the best young researcher at eCAADe 2015 Vienna, September 2015

 _”Virtual Architecture in a Real-time, Interactive, Augmented Reality Environment” paper to be presented at the eCAADe conference, TU Wien, September 2015

_John Paul George & Me developed with Selina Reiterer received the 2nd prize in Wearables Competition, August 2015

_posted eCAADe 2015 workshop information

_project Anywhere Development Story, with some insight on networking published on the Exit Games website

_extensile, robotic fabrication workshop given at MAS CAAD ETHz, June 2015

_studio any will be giving a workshop titled “Virtual/Augmented Reality & Architectural Visualisation”  on the next eCAADe Conference in Vienna, TU Wien, September 2015

 _project Anywhere was awarded the 2nd prize in the Zeiss VR One Competition for Mobile VR Apps

 _multilingual video interview of project Anywhere screened on Euronews, February 2015

 _video interview of project Anywhere by Reuters, February 2015

 _project Anywhere installation at TEDxNTUA Athens, 17 January 2015

 _project Anywhere published in The Guardian & The Observer Tech Monthly (11/01/2015)

 _project Anywhere teaser released, November 2014

 _starting a collaboration with the Chair of Information Architecture ETHz

 _Kinetic audiovisual installation with PUNCH collective // debut at Seven Sins event, Delft, November 2014

 _shooting project anywhere teaser

 _omni mask R&D process finalised, September 2014

_any- , based on Project Anywhere, was awarded the Arthur C. Clarke prize at the  Museum of Science Fiction international competition, August 2014