News & updates

_”Cybersyn 1973/2023” part of the exhibition “Infrahauntologies,” galerie La Box; Ecole nationale supérieure d’art de Bourges. October 21 – November 20 2021.

_”Beyond the Visual – A research curriculum for explorations in spatiotemporal environments” exposition co-authored with Gerriet K. Sharma published in Journal for Artistic Research, issue 24. September 29 2021.

_”Manifestation of Radical Technology,  Collective Digital Tools” talk with Gregoire Rousseau and Minerva Juolahti of Station of Commons, for Unmapping Futures / Drifts Festival 2021. Museum of Impossible Forms. August 8 2021.

_Co-chair and co-organizer for CAAD Futures 2021 “Design Imperatives” international biannual conference. July 11-18 2021.

_”Cybersyn 1973/2023“, HD video and 8-channel spatial audio installation developed with Bassam El Baroni, Georgios Cherouvim and Gerriet K. Sharma. Premiers on July 7 2021, part of the exhibition “Infrahauntologies.” Edith Russ Haus, Oldenburg, July 8 – October 3 2021. Infrahauntologies on e-flux.

_Speaker and co-moderator for the LASER Talk “Adaptation and Space” at Aalto ARTS, with  Oguzhan Gencoglu, Friederike Landau, and Shubhangi Singh. Event organized by Laura Beloff, Pia Fricker, Ksenia Kaverina, Kirsi Peltonen, Nitin Sawhney and Koray Tahiroğlu. Aalto ARTS, April 29 2021

_Guest reviewer for Meteora S4E1 design studio by Ludger Hovestadt, Jorge Orozco, Adil Bokhari, Miro Roman. With Vera Buehlmann, Ellen Palmer, Emmanuelle Chiappone-Piriou, Daniela Mitterberger, Charlie Blake. Chair of the Digital Architectonics / CAAD, ETH Zurich. March 16 2021.

_”Digital Commoning Practices” 3-phase exhibition taking place at the gallery Oksenkaty 11, Helsinki, throughout March, co-organized with Gregoire Roussau, Juan Gomez and Nora Sternfeld with Station of . With artistic and discursive contributions by: Heta Bilaletdin, Juan Gomez, Pahat Kengät, Tommi Keränen, Malin Kuht, Constantinos Miltiadis, Marcell Mars, Martino Morandi, Jara Rocha, Gregoire Rousseau, Selena Savic, Dubravka Sekulic, Femke Snelting, Cornelia Sollfrank, Stavros Stavrides, Nora Sternfeld, Samuli Tanner, Värvöttäjä. Helsinki, March 2021.

_”Cybersyn in 2021: What can we make of it?” guest lecture for the course “Curating in the Live” by Bassam El Baroni, Visual Cultures, Curating and Contemporary Art (ViCCA) Aalto, February 2 2021; ADS Research Seminar February 26 2021.

_Guest reviewer for the master studio “MINECRAFT… and other (more witchy) crafts” by Jose Paixao, Adam Sebestyen and Urs Hirschberg at the Institute of Architecture and Media, TU Graz, January 28 2021.
Together with Dominic Schwab and James Delany (

_”On the matter and matters of space in novel media + some questions about being an architect today,” guest lecture for the Institute of Architecture and Media, TU Graz, January 7 2021.


_Guest reviewer for the studio “MINECRAFT… and other (more witchy) crafts” at the Institute of Architecture and Media, TU Graz, December 17 2020.

_”On the matter and matters of space in novel media” guest lectures for two seminars of Martin Thiering, Stephan Gunzel & Gerriet K. Sharma, TU Berlin & HafenCity University Hamburg, December 11 2020.

_Guest talk and review for a studio by Lisa Wolf, mAD (Mediale Architekturdarstellung), Leibniz University Hanover, December 2 2020.

_Participation in the workshop “Designing pictorial spaces and walk-in pictures. Virtual architecture in interdisciplinary perspective” organized by Kassandra Nakas and Philipp Reinfeld of the Institute of Media and Design TU Braunschweig.  Xplanatorium Schloss Herrenhausen, Hanover, May 28-29 2020 (Postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic), October 15 2020.

_Co-chair for the biannual international conference CAAD Futures 2021. Launched in October 2020.

_Co-curator of the “WADS Garden” for the 2020 Ars Electronica Festival, together with Demetris Shammas, Emiddio Vasquez and Myrto Aristidou, September 2020.

_”Oblivious to Gravity: Virtual Architecture between disciplinary dead ends and complex intersections” paper publication in the issue “Variability” of the Archidoct journal, edited by Dimitris Gourdoukis. July 2020.

_Guest reviewer, along with Davide Tommaso, for “The Virtual Odyssey” studio, taught by Uwe Brunner and Dominic Schwab of Studio3/University of Innsbruck. Mozilla Hubs, July 1 2020

_Guest reviewer along with Zeynep Cinar and Adam Nathaniel Furman for the “Hypnerotomachia Naturae” studio, taught by Bettina Siegele, Giacomo Pala and Bart Lootsma, Architecture Theory dept., University of Innsbruck. June 24 2020.

_”The situation of space in contemporary media environments” double presentation with Gerriet K. Sharma. New Media Seminar, Aalto ARTS. Helsinki March 19, 2010.

_Founding member of the Society of Artistic Research (SAR) Special Interest Group: “Spatial Aesthetics and Artificial Environments.” February 2020

_”The Inconstructible: space writing within architecture’s expanded field” talk at Kulturfolger. Zurich, November 16, 2019

_Guest of “Memorial in Becoming / Life of Crops: Towards Investigative Memorialization” conference. Graz, November 8-9, 2019

__”The Architectural Continuum: Choropoietic Media and Post-Physical-World Environments.” chapter publication in Architectonics of Game Spaces. The Spatial Logic of the Virtual and Its Meaning for the Realedited by Andri Gerber and Ulrich Götz, 183–99, Transcript, 2019. [Open Access]

_Arts Doctorate Fellow, Department of Arts & Design, Aalto University. Helsinki, September 2019

_Coach for the ChampdAction.LAbO 2019, International Interdisciplinary Art Summer School titled “Disobedience.” Antwerp, August 24 – September 2 2019

_”Studies in Spatiotemporal Environments 0.1b” demo of a framework for real-time spatial audio with Unity/VR & Supercollider. Installationskunst exhibition, Institute of Electronic Music, Kunst Uni Graz, June 27 2019

_Co-founder and visual designer for ◯ avant-garde electronic music event series, launched at FORUM Stadtpark. Graz, May 4 2019

_Participation in James Bridle’s “School of Images” workshop, part of “ForeverMoreImages” exhibition of Onassis Foundation, Kassandras. Athens, April 10 2019

_Upcoming book chapter in the volume “Architectonics of Virtual Space” edited Andri Gerber, to be published by Transcript later this year

_”The Architectural Continuum: Choropoietic media and post-physical-world spatial aesthetics” presentation for the “Architectonics of Game Worlds – On Aesthetics and Mechanics, Spaces and Places, Rhythms and Philosophies.” University of Cologne, March 18-19 2019

_The installation “” for VR and Ambisonics developed with Antonia Manhartsberger, will be part of the Arts Programme of Elevate Festival 2019, Orpheum Extra, Graz, March 2 2019

_”Decoded Language” interactive sound installation for Kinect V2 & Supercollider, presented at the Institute of Electronic Music. Graz, January 25 2019

_”Space as Ideology: Choropoietic media and new paradigms of spatiality” presentation for the “Spatial Turn” symposium of FH Joanneum. Akademie Graz, January 24 2019


_“On the hypotheses which lie at the bases of -game- design: flat earthers and post-physical-world navigable environments” presentation at the Game Studies Seminar #14: In Cracow about cities,  Jagiellonian University. Krakow November 24, 2018

_On educational sabbatical to study Computer Music at the Institute of Electronic Music, University of Music and Performing Ars Graz, for the academic year 2018-2019

_”The visual imaginary of intangible cultural heritage: Accessing the palimpsest of Nicosia through audio-enabled routes” paper with Georgios Artopoulos, for the Congress of Visual Heritage, CHNT. Vienna 12-15 November 2018

_Round table for the exhibition “Artificial Paradise? Immersion in Space and Time” at Kunstlerhaus Graz with Gerriet K. Sharma (artist, University of Music and Performing Arts, Graz) and Elisabeth Fiedler (Universalmuseum Joanneum, Graz). Kunstlerhaus Graz, November 8, 2018

_”The Aesthetics of Presence in Inconstructible Spaces  I/II” double lecture with Gerriet K. Sharma, OSSA 2018 “Vision.” Łodz, Poland, October 15 2018

_”Beyond the visual” workshop for OSSA 2018 “Vision” with a brief participation of Gerriet K. Sharma, Łodz. Poland, October 13-21 2018

_”Beyond the implied player: Transgression and contingency in digital games” paper presentation for the Central and Eastern European Game Studies conference CEEGS 2018 “Ludic Expressions.” FAMU, Prague 11-13 October 2018

_”The Architectural Continuum” presentation for the Digital Cultures: Knowledge / Culture / Technology conference, Leuphana University. Lüneburg, September 19-22 2018

_”Virtual reality, videogames, architecture and education. From utopian drawings to inconstructible navigable environments” paper for the proceedings of the eCAADe 2018 conference : Computing for a better tomorrow. Łodz, September 19-21 2018

_”Hybrid heritagescapes as urban commons in Mediterranean cities: accessing the deep-rooted spatial interfaces of cities” in Neighbourhood & City -analogue and digital perspectives, Giorgos Artopoulos, Constantinos Miltiadis, Francesco Bagni, July 2018

_”The Architectural Continuum” presentation at the “Architectonics of Virtual Space” seminar organized by Andri Gerber, Zurich University of Applied Sciences ZHAW. Einsiedeln, Switzerland, June 9, 2018

_Short-term Scientific Mission for Daphne’s Diary, The Cyprus Institute. Nicosia, March 22 – April 4, 2018

_Cancelled “Further through the Unknown : A virtual look at the future of the Kunsthaus” AR+ Spatial Audio workshop and exhibition for Kunsthaus Graz, in collaboration with the Institute of Electronic Music, Kunst Uni Graz. Sponsored by Microsoft Austria with HoloLens devices. Final exhibition & presentation: March 24 2018

_”Towards the Expanded Field” curated 3-day event with talks, VR exhibition and spatial audio performances. Opening presentations from Constantinos Miltiadis, Dr. Gerriet K. Sharma and Prof. Stephan Günzel. Haus der Architektur, Graz, March 7-9 2018

_”Daphne’s Diary” was awarded a short-term scientific mission grant for further development and implementation with bi-communal cultural institutions of Nicosia, in collaboration with The Cyprus Institute. February 2018

_”Reset-discover” spatial audio and virtual reality piece developed with Antonia Manhartsberger, presented at the Open CUBE, Institute of Electronic Music, University of Music and Performing Arts. Graz, January 31, 2018


_Published “Daphne’s Diary” project for interactive location-based narrative, historical audio Geocaching tours, developed at the Cyberparks COST Action at The Cyprus Institute. Nicosia, November 2017

_Virtual Flâneur of Mediterranean Cities, Cyberparks COST Action Training School. The Cyprus Institute, Nicosia, 30.10-3.11.2017

_Interactive audiovisual installation developed with Antonia Manhartsberger, for the Sonic Rug of Selina Reiterer. Vienna Design Week, October 4, 2017

_”VR Playful Art,” exhibition of the Virtual Spaces Master Studio 2017. Kunsthaus Graz, September 1, 2017.

_Guest of the Playful Learning Conference 2017, Fringe event for the Playfields app launch, by the University of Manchester and University of Warwick. Manchester, July 2017

_Received seed funding for the research project “Scan to BIM” with the Institute of Architecture and Media, Institute of Urban and Architectural History and Institute of Computer Graphics and Vision of TU Graz. Graz, June 2017

_Received seed funding for the research project “Urban Soundscapes” with Ismini Christakopoulou at the Institute of Architecture and Media of TU Graz. Graz, June 2017

_Presentation of the Virtual Spaces Master Studio 2017, and exhibition of the VR projects at the TU Graz Open Architecture Day. June 30, 2017

_”Timescales of Architecture”, lecture at the Signale soirée, Institute of Electronic Music, University of Music and Performing Arts Graz. May 29, 2017

_Launched CAADist Calendar also on Facebook / Twitter 

_”metadata punks” Tabletalk #3 with Marcell Mars & Dubracka Sekulic. Kork, Graz, March 21, 2017

_Virtual Spaces Master Studio 2017: 16m2 Labyrinths – Institute of Architecture and Media, TU Graz, Summer Semester 2017


_”Project anywhere: An interface for virtual architecture“, published in the December 2016 issue of the International Journal of Architectural Computing (IJAC)

_Launched “Tabletalks on Architecture.” Graz, December 2016

_”Architecture as a Complex Number” Lecture at the Bartlett Plexus Paris lecture series #26 “Expanse“, with Frédéric Migayrou, Manuel Jimenez Garcia and Corneel Cannaerts. Paris, November 16, 2016

_“touch the sound 2.0 / sound-sculpting” contributor in the installation by Prof. Werner Jauk at the Ars Electronica Festival. Linz, September 2016

_Virtual Spaces Master Studio exhibition at Graz Open Architecture Day. July 1, 2016

_Panel Discussion at “The Incomputable / Workshop 0.1 / Understanding the Visual” Institute of Contemporary Art, TU Graz. June 29, 2016

_Virtual Spaces Master Studio exhibition at TU Graz VR Night 2016. June 28, 2016

_Virtual Spaces Master Studio, sponsored by Drei Austria with Samsung Galaxy and Gear VR headsets. June 2016

_”Virtual Space” guest lecture at i-Lab, University of South California. May 27, 2016

_”Sound Spatialisation in Immersive VR Environments”, Workshop for the 2016 Mapping Festival. Geneva, May 2016

_ Lead teacher of the “Virtual Spaces Master Studio” module at the Institute of Architecture and Media, TU Graz. Summer Semester 2016

_Articles on “John Paul George & Me” in Fast Company, Bare Conductive, Materiability Research Network. January 2016


_Assistant professor at the Institute of Architecture and Media, Graz Technical University. Graz, October 2015

_Awarded the Ivan Petrovic prize for the best young researcher at 2015 eCAADe conference.Vienna, September 2015

 _”Virtual Architecture in a Real-time, Interactive, Augmented Reality Environment” paper to be presented at the 2015 eCAADe Conference. TU Wien, Vienna, September 2015

_John Paul George & Me developed with Selina Reiterer received the 2nd prize in Wearables Competition. August 2015

_project Anywhere Development Story, with some insight on networking published on the Exit Games website. May 2015

_extensile, robotic fabrication workshop given at MAS CAAD ETHz. Zurich, June 2015

_”Virtual/Augmented Reality & Architectural Visualisation”, workshop at the 2015 eCAADe Conference in Vienna, TU Wien, September 2015

 _project Anywhere was awarded the 2nd prize in the Zeiss VR One Competition for Mobile VR Apps

 _multilingual video interview of project Anywhere screened on Euronews, February 2015

 _video interview of project Anywhere by Reuters, February 2015

 _project Anywhere installation at TEDxNTUA Athens, 17 January 2015

 _project Anywhere published in The Guardian & The Observer Tech Monthly (11/01/2015)


 _project Anywhere teaser released, November 2014

 _working on ESUM at the Chair of Information Architecture ETHz

 _Kinetic audiovisual installation with PUNCH collective at Seven Sins event, Delft, November 2014

 _shooting project anywhere teaser

 _omni mask R&D process finalized, September 2014

_any- , based on Project Anywhere, was awarded the Arthur C. Clarke prize at the  Museum of Science Fiction international competition, August 2014