Shifting perspectives is an interactive kinetic audiovisual installation. The physical part of the installation is a 6×4 grid structure of parallel square modules, articulated with rotary joints. Due to the design of the elements of this non-planar grid, it allowed for the units to rotate and the whole to expand in size. This rotational movement is controlled by stepper motors pulling the structure from 2 external points.
For the visuals, an application was developed that allowed for projecting video and graphics on the structure. Combined with the real-time synchronization with the movement of the structure, it could project portions of the video that would follow each of the panels. Furthermore, the application could perform real-time sound analysis, and produce interactive graphics based on audio spectrum data of the music played at the event.
The installation was developed with PUNCH collective, an interdisciplinary synergy between upcoming researchers, based in Zurich and Delft. It was exhibited at the 7 Sins event, November 2014 in Delft.


with Demetris Shammas, Achilleas Xydis & Mariana Popescu
Zurich, Delft / November 2014