Constantinos Miltiadis
Doctoral resaercher; Department of Design & Department of Architecture, School of ARTS, Aalto University, Helsinki.
MAS AI, CAAD ETHz (2014)
Dipl.-Ing. Architect, NTU-Athens (2012)

Contact: c.miltiadis at gmail dot com

Constantinos Miltiadis is a transdisciplinary architect and researcher, occasionally also programmer, media artist, curator, teacher, and librarian. His work focuses on aesthetic phenomena between technology and culture, and more specifically on spatiotemporal environments inconstructible in the physical world, specific to and experienceable through technological mediation. Constantinos studied architecture at NTU-Athens, and at the Chair for CAAD ETH Zurich, and pursued studies in computer music at IEM KU Graz. His work has been presented in seminars and exhibitions, published in academic conferences and journals as well as by international press, and received awards in international competitions. He has developed and taught courses on creative programming and experimental VR videogame design in both academic contexts and festivals. Between 2015 and 2019 Constantinos was assistant professor at the Institute of Architecture and Media of TU Graz, while since 2019 he is a doctoral researcher between the Departments of Design and of Architecture at the School of ARTS of Aalto University in Helsinki, part of the “Experience Design” project funded by the Academy of Finland.

Previous work/research experience

Assistant professor at the Institute of Architecture and Media, TU Graz, 2015-2019
Co-author, scientific expert and coordinator of the “Scan to BIM” research initiative; received seed funding by TU Graz, May 2017
Co-author of the “Urban soundscapes” research initiative; received seed funding by TU Graz, May 2017
Prototype developer for the ESUM Project, Chair of Information Architecture, ETHz, December 2014-June 2015 [x]
Kinetic audiovisual installation, PUNCH Collective, Seven Sins Event, Delft, The Netherlands 2014 [x]
Prototype Designer, Embedded Lab / Nexiot AG, ETHz 2014 [x]
Electronics redesign for shape shift / electroactive polymers, Manuel Krezer, Materiability Research Network, CAAD ETHz [x] [x]
Web/media/interaction design, Rose Pavilion, ETH Polyterrasse, June-July 2014 [x]
Fabrication team, Bungalow Germania, German Pavillion / Venice Biennale 2014
Archeological site surveyor, Cyprus Department of Antiquities, Nicosia, August 2013
Eleftherias Square Competition, SV studio, Athens, February-March 2013 [x]
Root canal diagnostic device prototype design for Zinonas Evagorou; Dentistry School of Athens, Endodontics Postgraduate Research Program, November 2012
Swarm tools for urban analysis / Green Square Sydney Competition, Object-e, Thessaloniki, August 2012 [x]
“New Landmark for the Faliron Pier” Competition, SV studio, Athens, June 2012 [x]
Polypolis Roma, Sarcha, Rome, Athens 2011[x] [x]

Lectures & talks

“The Inconstructible: space writing within architecture’s expanded field” talk at Kulturfolger, Zurich, November 16 2019 [x]
Round table for the exhibition “Artificial Paradise? Immersion in Space and Time” with Gerriet K. Sharma and Elisabeth Fiedler, curated by Jürgen Dehm, Kunslerhaus Graz, November 8 2018 [x]
“Timescales of Architecture” lecture at the Signale Soirée, Institute of Electronic Music, Graz University of Arts,  May 29th 2017 [x]
“Architecture as a Complex Number”, Talk at the Bartlett Plexus Paris lecture series #26 “Expanse”, with Frédéric Migayrou, Manuel Jimenez Garcia and Corneel Cannaerts,  November 16  2016
Panel member for “The Incomputable / Workshop 0.1 / Understanding the Visual” Institute of Contemporary Art, TU Graz, June 29 2016 [x]
“Virtual Space” guest lecture at i-Lab University of South California, May 27th 2016 [x]
Guest lecture on Unity & VR, for CAAD Tutorial: Game Engines, Chair of Computer Aided Architectural Design [CAAD] ETHz, April 2015
Project tutor, Advanced topics in Technology in Architecture, NTUA, July 2012

Original course design

“Beyond the visual” workshop for the OSSA event “Vision” Lodz, Poland, 13-21 October 2018 [x]
“Virtual Ecologies – World building workshop” intensive week-long bachelor workshop, Institute of Architecture and Media, TU Graz, June 2018
“Virtual Spaces Master Studio 2017: 16m2 Labyrinths”, Institute of Architecture and Media, TU Graz, summer semester 2017 [x]
“Virtual Spaces” Master Studio at the Institute of Architecture and Media, TU Graz, summer semester 2016, sponsored by Drei Austria [x]
“Sound spatialisation in Immersive VR Environments” workshop for Mapping Festival, Geneva May 2016 [x]
“Sound to Space” [dm2.blockF]  intensive 4 day programming workshop, Institute of Architecture and Media, TU Graz, January 2016
“Virtual/Augmented Reality & Architectural Visualisation” 2 day workshop, TU Wien, eCAADe, Vienna September 2015 [x]
Robotic fabrication workshop, Chair for Computer Aided Architectural Design [CAAD] ETHz, May-June 2015 [x]
Creative programming workshops, Chair for Computer Aided Architectural Design [CAAD] ETHz, November 2014 – June 2015

Conferences, Contributions & Exhibitions

“The Architectural Continuum: Choropoietic Media and Post-Physical-World Environments.” chapter publication in Architectonics of Game Spaces. The Spatial Logic of the Virtual and Its Meaning for the Real, edited by Andri Gerber and Ulrich Götz, 183–99, Transcript, 2019 [x]
“The Architectural Continuum: Choropoietic media and post-physical-world spatial aesthetics” presentation for the “Architectonics of Game Worlds – On Aesthetics and Mechanics, Spaces and Places, Rhythms and Philosophies” University of Cologne, March 18-19 2018 [x]
“The visual imaginary of intangible cultural heritage: Accessing the palimpsest of Nicosia through audio-enabled routes” paper presentation with Georgios Artopoulos, for CHNT 23, Congress of Visual Heritage 2018, Vienna, November12-15 2018 [x]
“Beyond the Implied Player: Transgression and Contingency in Digital Games” paper presentation for the Central and Eastern European Game Studies Conference 2018, “Ludic Expressions” Prague, October 11-13 2018 [x]
“The architectural continuum” presentation at the Digital Cultures 2018 Conference at the Leuphana University of Lüneburg, 19-22 of September 2018 [x]
“Virtual reality, videogames, architecture and education. From utopian drawings to inconstructible navigable environments” paper published in the proceedings of the 36th eCAADe Conference “Computing for a better tomorrow” Lodz, Poland, 19-21 of September 2018 [x]
“The architectural continuum” presentation at the “Architectonics of Virtual Space” seminar, Einsiedeln, Switzerland, June 2018 [x]
“VR Playful Art” exhibition of the Virtual Spaces Master Studio 2017 at Kunsthaus Graz, September 2017 [x]
Virtual Spaces Master Studio, public exhibition at the Graz Open Architecture Day, July 1st 2017
“Project anywhere: An interface for virtual architecture”, published in the December 2016 issue of the International Journal of Architectural Computing (IJAC) [x]
“touch the sound 2.0 / sound-sculpting” installation with Prof. Werner Jauk at the Ars Electronica Festival Linz, September 2016 [x]
Virtual Spaces Master Studio, public exhibition at the Graz Open Architecture Day, July 1st 2016 [x]
Virtual Spaces Master Studio, public exhibition at the TU Graz VR Night, June 27th 2016 [x]
Extensile” video participation at RobArch 2016, University of Sydney [x]
“Virtual architecture in a real-time, interactive, augmented reality environment”, eCAADe 2015: Real-time, TU Wien, September 2015 [Ivan Petrovic Award] [x]
project Anywhere installation, TEDxNTUA, Athens, January 2015 [x]
“7xCabin”, video participation [collaborative],  RobArch 2014, University of Michigan, Michigan, USA
“From the Univocal to the Dissipative: Computation and performance methodology in real-time architecture”, eCAADe 2013: Computation and Performance, TU Delft, September 2013


Ivan Petrovic Prize for the “Best presentation by a young researcher”, eCAADe 2015 conference, Vienna, September 2015
Second prize, Reshape 2015, wearable technology competition, “John, Paul, George & Me“, with Selina Reiterer [x]
Second prize, Zeiss VR One Competition, “project Anywhere” March 2015 [x]
Arthur C. Clarke Award for “The most creative and unorthodox approach”,  any-, Museum of Science Fiction Architectural Competition, 2014 [x]
Competition finalist, “Interactive Kinetic Structures“, Algodeq – Algorithmic Design Quest Competition, 2014
Acquisition / 4th Prize, New Landmark for the Faliron Pier with SV Studio, Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change of Greece, 2011
Photography award, “Irange lust”, medium format analogue portrait, DPGR 2009

Selected Press Publications

Catalogo Diseno, “Miltiadis + Reiterer desarrollan un sistema de camisetas musicales interactivas” January 2016 [spanish] [x]
Euronews Sci-tech, “Project Anywhere: an out-of-body experience of a new kind”  February 2015 [Multilingual: EN / DE / ES / PT / FR / GR]
Reuters, “Project Anywhere takes virtual reality gaming to new level” February 2015 [x]
The Guardian [web] / The Observer Tech Monthly [print], “Project Anywhere: digital route to an out-of-body experience” 7/01/2015 [x]
Design boom, “subjects manipulate project anywhere’s virtual universe in real-time” December 2015 [x]
Apha Media Group, Alithia Newspaper, “Constantinos Miltiadis: A pioneer of technology” 2015 [greek]
Fubiz, “Virtual Universe in Real-Time” [french] December 2015 [x]
Catalogo Diseno, “Constantinos Miltiadis desarrolla un entorno virtual a traves de un telefono movil” December 2015  [spanish] [x]
Museum of Science Fiction, “A departure from museums as usual . . .” any- / project Anywhere, December 2015 [x]
Archdaily, “New Landmark for the Faliron Pier Competition Entry” with SV Studio [x]

Dissemination initiatives

Founder and curator of the IAM Open Lecture series [x][v]
Co-founder of the Tabletalks on Architecture [x]
Founder of the CAADist Calendar [x][c]