“The geology of The Geology” is an abstract constructive take of the key concept of the chapter “The Geology of Morals” from the book “One thousand Plateaus” of Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari; the one of double articulation, applied to the book chapter itself. Double articulation as the interplay between form and substance of expression on one hand, and form and substance of content on the other, is seen as the interaction, on a meta-level, between the lecture of Professor Challenger as expression and the actual concept of strata and stratification as substance. As an essay on the “quantification of writing” therefore, the corpus of the chapter was abstracted to text and analysed in abstract relations and densities of occurrences from which each word would receive dimensions, which can eventually be rendered or transposed to numbers, colours and shapes.


All numbers, colors and shapes, generated through processing Deleuze & Guattari’s “Geology of Morals” from the book “A thousand plateaus”.

The sound was produced with the Aalto software modular synth.

MAS CAAD ETHz / Theory Module 1 / Dr. phil. Vera Bühlmann