The installation “decoded language” uses granular synthesis as a means of folding a given sound, and a transposition from the time domain to the space domain, through a play of manipulation operators that introduce curvature to the original dimension of listening time. It employs real-time body tracking as a spatial engagement interface, which the audience can excite and manipulate while exploring the resolution of granular folding. The space of interaction is treated as intrinsic to the body instead of absolute, where positions are irrelevant, and only configurations, displacements and orientations of the body matter. The audience, through their body, is invited to create their own choreographies of temporal articulations in space. After each interactive session, the audible temporal manipulations of the user[s]’ performance are rendered to a digital geometry.

The installation granulates the audio from Saul William’s “coded language”spoken-word Def Poetry Jam performance.

“decoded language” was developed at IEM with the help of Prof. Marko Ciciliani and Prof. Daniel Mayer, and presented at the IEM CUBE Concert in January 2019.
An earlier version developed with Pure Data and presented in December 2017 at IAM.

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Multi-user interactive sound installation for Supercollider, Java, KinectV2 and projector

Institute of Electronic Music, University of Music and Performing Arts, Graz, 2019