– installation for VR and ambisonics

The piece is the result of a collaboration with composer Antonia Manhartsberger, investigating the possibilities of uniting spatial-visual and spatial-sonic elements into one abstract spatio-temporal virtual environment, as a fusion of the audio-visual dipole. The piece develops over notions of proximity and distance, thus consisting of two layers of experience. An individual point of view controlled by a VR HMD and headphones, and a correlated surrounding spatial audio loudspeaker setup. The audience is called upon to experientially discover this synthetic surrounding. [for VR and ambisonics] (2018) from Antonia Sophia Eulenspiegel on Vimeo.

The project elaborates on the idea of arrangement of sound in the spatial rather than temporal dimension. The elements of the virtual environment are sequenced spatially in the 3D environment of the Unity game engine, organised in 3 categories: Ambient-environmental, sound-object-events and gestures.

The piece and it’s theoretical background are described in greater detail in the thesis of Antonia Manhartsberger “Das soziopolitische Potential von Raummusik im Angesicht zeitgenössischer Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten” (IEM, June 2018).

It was first presented at the CUBE Concert, of the Institute of Electronic Music, University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, on January 31st 2018.
“” was exhibited in the Arts Programme of the 2019 Elevate Festival, Orpheum Extra, Graz, March 2 2019 [x]

Interactive installation for multichannel spatial audio, ambisonics, binaural audio and Vive VR

Concept & development: Antonia Manhartsberger & Constantinos Miltiadis
Electronic music composition: Antonia Manhartsberger
Virtual environment & programming: Constantinos Miltiadis