VectorRasterBleep is an interactive installation developed at CAAD ETHz. Aiming for a fantastic digital baroque garden, the project was developed by the interpretation of the baroque and its transcription to the digital.
The installation’s subject is the garden Queen and the baroque garden is her own playground, open to all kinds of stimuli to subvert the normality of royal life. The Baroque Garden is in fact the Queen’s antidote to boredom, gate to the fantastic, and phantasmic .
The digital counterpart requires her to wear a 20 LED suit to wonder in the virtual garden. The “real” dimension of the garden is a generic space – any-space- tracked by infrared sensors and populated by machinery. The virtual one, the projected imaginary, is the one experienced by strolling in the generic space, and in this way metamorphosing it and the self, to an, or any, (unattainable) object of desire. The garden therefore is a transition; a space for attaining the desire for desire; the well of jouissance.

with Gregory Gregoriadis & Togo Takamura
Chair for CAAD ETHz / 2014