I don’t keep a diary, therefore, its difficult to keep track of what happened when. Sure, one remembers important events, but usually what alludes our memory is the mundane – whatever we identify as regular/routine/work. For me it started unconsciously, without any purpose; at some point I started, every now and then, taking pictures of my immediate working environment, documenting how my reality looked in its different phases. I have a -bad- habit of working on multiple stuff at the same time, hoarding whatever seems interesting, starting new projects amidst working on others, and managing to never be out of something new to do, or something old to finalise. Probably I started taking these pictures as a “note to self” or as a snapshot of how ridiculous sometimes my desk looks and how fast its evolving, expanding, shrinking, moving around, reflecting also, to some extend, myself. My phone’s camera became a testimony to what was was my concern, anxiety and excitement,who I might have been collaborating with, what I was spending -usually- a tremendous amount of time on, and sometimes reminding what was going on at the time in my life and my mind.



Probably mid 2012, Diploma student spaces, National Technical University of Athens. With my colleague Antonis, I think trying to figure out either WebGL in Processing or how to organise space frames. Early stages of working on my thesis. Don’t remember who took the picture.



About June 2012, Athens. Finishing the model for SV Studio’s proposal for the “New Landmark for the Faliron Pier” competition. We couldn’t afford laser cutting the contours so we cutout 280-something contours by hand. Eventually the proposal got the 4th prize, which gained my first and probably only payment from an architecture job.



About end of summer 2012, home office, Athens. Last stages of working on my thesis.



About September 2012, home office, Athens. Still working on the Arduino mock-up. I wanted to convince that what was happening in my computer wasn’t make-belief but could be materialised.



Saturday, February 2014, Chair for CAAD, ETHz. Developing x-synth, a ChucK modular synthesizer. I remember getting a complain from somebody working on the above floor from playing music loud -even though I thought on a Saturday I would be alone at the campus. I was listening to “Flock of bleeps” by Younger Brother.



February 2014. Home, Zurich. Ill, developing x-Synth, for the performance that would take place 2 days later.



February 2014, Chair for CAAD, ETHz. Fruitbox prepared by my lovely flatmate Livia, and James Holden’s “Inheritors”.



March 2014, Chair for CAAD, ETHz. Prototyping Topotheque’s “Bennett Linkage” installation – that was later dropped due to lack of time.



March 2015, CAAD, ETHz. Still working on the “Bennett Linkage”. We were celebrating something related to the Rose Pavilion that I can’t remember.



Sunday, June 2014, Chair for CAAD, ETHz. Working on data-glove prototyping, trying out the leap motion controller, reading about electronic sound design and on-the-side working on *str.



Saturday, June 2014, Chair for CAAD, ETHz. Working on a circuit redesign for Manuel Krezer’s Materiability “Electroactive Polymers”



July 2014, home office, Zurich. Unity prototyping – juice is a rare thing on my desk.



July 2014, CAAD, ETHz. Working on hardware prototypes, multiple kinect setup and cloud networking for “project Anywhere”



Sunday, July 20 2014, Chair for CAAD, ETHz. Early VR prototypes, working on documentation for the Rose Pavilion. Probably also working on something sound related.



Saturday, August 30 2014 , Chair for CAAD, ETHz. While developing “any-” proposal for the Museum of Science Fiction architectural exhibition, later received the Arthur C. Clarke award for the most “creative and unorthodox approach”. Chicken curry from Coop.



September 2014, CAAD, ETHz. 3d-printed smart-phone VR mask early rough prototypes. My friends, Demetris Shammas designed these nice fillets, and Achilleas Xydis borrowed me his Ultimaker 3d printer.



Late night Friday, September 2014, Chair for CAAD, ETHz. Probably working on networking for “project Anywhere”.


img_2027_1024October 2014, Chair for CAAD, ETHz. Developing and prototyping “project Anywhere”



October 2014, Chair for CAAD, ETHz. Finally the wireless data-gloves seem to be close enough.



March 2015, CAAD, ETHz. Trying out AR for *str


April 2015, home office, Zurich. Working on *str.



May 2015, CAAD, ETHz. First rough prototype of the electronics enclosure of the ESUM backpack.



June 2015, CAAD, ETHz. Assembling the ESUM backpack prototype.



June 2015, CAAD, ETHz. Fixing loose ends.



June 2015, CAAD, ETHz. The ESUM prototype is ready to go.


thumb_img_3351_1024October 2, 2015. IAM TU Graz. Second day of work at IAM. Apparently having issues with JRE paths.


thumb_img_3620_1024November 2014, IAM TU Graz. Working a new VR setup with the Kinect v2.


thumb_img_3846_1024January 2016, IAM TU Graz. Apparently working on 4-5 different languages.



February 2016, IAM TU Graz. Gathering readings for the “Virtual Spaces Master Studio



March 2016, IAM TU Graz. Setting up on our new office at Kronesgasse.



April 2016. IAM TU Graz. Gaming Night at the studio.



May 2016, Geneva, Switzerland. Last minute preparations for the “Sound Spatialisation in VR” workshop of the Mapping Festival, at a fantastic apartment on the Halles de l’lle island, with Demetris Shammas, Achilleas Xydis and Mariana Popescu.



September 2015, IAM. Our Vive arrived, and moved my office to our Media Lab. Between reading and scripting.



October 2015, Media Lab, IAM. Mainly reading.