Sound Spatialisation in Immersive VR Environments
3 Day intensive Workshop at Mapping Festival 2016, Geneva 4-6 May
Exhibition at 16:00 May 6

Translating sound from the auditory to the spatial domain, and shifting between perceptive forms and media, we intend to explore the manifestation of sound in space. The workshop will focus on the spatialisation of sound in a Virtual Reality setting. The setup includes head-mounted displays to create the -illusory- perception of presence in a virtual space, and Kinect sensors to scan and correlate one’s position from the real to the virtual space. The workshop aims in creating  spatial duals of sound as distinct perceptual perspectives or modalities of the same object. We intend to challenge participants to think of how sound could be transferred and experienced in a different medium, as a modulating or formative force on space.

Requirements: Laptop (PC or Mac) with Unity3D installation, Android SDK or Xcode, smartphone, headphones.
Participants with previous coding experience will be preferred.

Info at Mapping Festival website

Constantinos Miltiadis |
Achilleas Xydis |
Demetris Shammas |