Architectonics of Virtual Space

Architectonics of Virtual Space ZHAW Seminar

“The Architectural Continuum” presentation for the “Architectonics of Virtual Space” seminar, organized by Prof. Andri Gerber in collaboration with the Institute of Urban Landscape of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences. The event takes place at the Werner Oeschlin library in Einsiedeln, Switzerland, on June 9 2018.

Event program:

Andri Gerber (Institute Urban Landscape, ZHAW)

Stefano Gualeni (University of Malta)
BIG TROUBLE in Little Cities

Ekim Tan (Play the City)
City Gaming

James Delaney (BlockWorks)
Architectonic of Virtual Space

Luke Caspar Pearson (Bartlett School of Architecture)
Videogame Urbanism: rethinking speculative architecture projects through the design of virtual game spaces

Stephan Günzel (University of Applied Sciences Europe)
The ‘Lived Spaces’ of Computer Games

Ulrich Götz (Zurich University of the Arts, ZHdK)
The Design of Game Spaces, Caught Between Demands of the Virtual and References to the Real

Philipp Schaerer (
Built Images. Experimental and visual compositional techniques

Nicole Stoecklmayr (
Parallel Perspectives: Experiencing Architecture on Screens

Constantinos Miltiadis (TU Graz)
The Architectural Continuum

Final discussion
Johannes Binotto (HSLU)
Philippe Koch (Institute Urban Landscape, ZHAW)
Amadeo Sarbach (ZHAW)

Werner Oechslin (Stiftung Bibliothek Werner Oechslin)
Guided visit through the library