School of Images

Participation in Jame Bridle’s “School of Images” workshop

Participation in Jame Bridle’s workshop “School of Images” presenting 3 projects that provide new articulations regarding the relation between contemporary media, visuality and space space.

In the context of “For Ever More Images?” James Bridle will be leading a workshop with artists, technologists, and environmental activists to explore the role of images and other art forms in the way we see and appreciate the changes occurring to our entangled ecosystems and political systems, in Greece and around the Mediterranean.

James Bridle, writer and artist,
Alexis Katsaros, Mediterranean Institute for Nature and Anthropos,
Stephanos Levidis, artist and researcher, Forensic Architecture and personal practice
Katerina Gkoutziouli, curator,
Andrew Spyrou, sound artist and producer,
Yiannis Hadjiaslanis, photographer,
Anastasia Miliou, Scientific Director, Archipelagos Institurte of Marine Conservation,
Mariana Bisti, artist,
Kyriaki Goni, artist,
Constantinos Militiadis, artist,
Kika Kyriakakou, curator, Polyeco Contemporary Art Initiative,
Bryony Dunne May, artist,
Chris Vrettos, biologist and co-founder,


The workshop is part of the programme “Forever new Images,” of the Onassis Foundation, hosted at ΚΑΣΣΑΝΔΡΑΣ Athens, April 10, 2019.

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